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Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Week-end....

My week-end is over .......actually...it 's my work week. I only work the week-ends...which is enough. This week-end was extremely busy...I put in a 10 hour day on Saturday and picked up a few extra hours today. My customers were VERY generous...which makes the day easier to deal with.

Not much planned for the week. I do have to work for our neighbor for just a few hours tomorrow...but other than that, the next 4 days are mine. House work is in the plan, as we were gone last week....and it shows!!!

John took the ATV out on the lake this afternoon...wish now I would have gone along for the ride. It looks to be absolutely beautiful. What do you think???

Snow in the forecast for the next few days...hopefully it's just a light dusting. We've been fortunate this year....

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