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Monday, March 1, 2010

A Touch of Spring...

Although a little on the "cool" side...it is just gorgeous outside. It's 37 degrees...and not a cloud in the sky. The sun is getting stronger as the snow is starting to melt here and there. After all....there's just 3 weeks until it's officially spring time!!

It's been very busy at work...tips are good and the boss is in a great mood. I was asked to work a few more hours per week...again. I'm having real doubts about it...after all...the weather is getting nicer and we have plans on doing some traveling during the week. Must give it some thought.

Worked on my kitchen cupboards last week...took everything out...wiped the shelves down and ORGANIZED. So much more room....One large cupboard to go and I'm done with the kitchen.

Just finished up another tam...this one is made in variegated tones of brown and a turquoise blue..Red Heart Earth and Sky. I have enough left over to make another hat and possibly a scarf. Kind of pretty...don't you think??

Until next time...let the sun shine in!! :)

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