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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

It's been a long day. I worked this morning, on a few short hours of sleep...and I'm just beat. I do hope everyone enjoyed their Easter holiday.

I went through my jewelry box this morning...and found my "vintage brooch". It's a chick in an egg shell...a gift from my oldest son, Jason...back in the spring of 1980. He was just 5 years old then...and he made it in his kindergarten class. Oh...the compliments I received from many of my customers. To turn back the hands of time.....

John and I went to Subway for dinner....I just love those cold cut subs....and add about everything imaginable to it. Always good and sloppy...a mess to eat...but it's so darn good!!!

Just hate to cut this short...but I need some sleep...stayed up far too late again tonight...it's already after midnight.

Sweet Dreams....

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