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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Simple Pleasures...

Still working at organizing...and made quite abit of progress yesterday. I had time to sit on the floor of my craft room and play with odds and ends of yarn....spent time on the computer looking for useful ways to use up these odd lots...and actually found several small projects that look like they might hold my interest!!

I've also been working on a pile of mending that needs some attention. I didn't realize how much I missed sitting at my sewing machine. Well, I've whittled that pile down to just 2 items...and I'll be done!!

Yesterday afternoon, I went out to the rock garden and did some weeding. Not alot of weeds..."preventive maintenance", easy work without becoming weary of the project. If I spend 30 minutes a day...I'll be finished in "no time". John moved a plant for me...and hopefully, it will get enough sun to flourish. No black flies as of yet...they're coming...and they ARE miserable!! Bug hats and nets are usually the attire for a few weeks in the spring. Fortunately, "black fly" season only last a few weeks...and the warm, dry weather usually kills them off.

So, you see, my day was filled with SIMPLE PLEASURES...I'd love a repeat of yesterday!!!

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