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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunny Skies!!!

I am soooo glad I got out of work early today. It is an absolutely gorgeous day here in Northern Ontario. Not a cloud in the sky and 75 degrees! And, it looks like it's going to be like this all week long. Hopefully, this will kill off those nasty black flies!!

Not much planned for the week...John has a doctor's appointment and Oggie goes to the "spa". Other than that...besides the routine house work...things should be pretty quiet around here...(if all goes well.)

I got a new lamp for my craft room...well, new to me...and it only cost 1.00 at one of the local thrift stores. (I just love a deal!!) There were several yard sales over the week-end....but I didn't bother going. I need to have one of my own--so I really don't need to buy more "treasures"!

Didn't pick the crochet hook up at all yesterday...sat in my chair and took a "snooze" last night. But there's always this afternoon...and I might sit out and enjoy some sunshine as well!! As soon as I get this baby blanket finished...I need to focus on some of my Christmas gifts. I can't believe it's already mid-May...

So...that's about all the news I have...nothing real earth shattering. Never-the-less...it's my life...and it's just the way I like it..(with a few exceptions.) ;)

Have a great afternoon!!

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