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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cheerful Things...

I'm having a damn hard time with so many things lately. Believe me, I'm not a negative person, but I just can't seem to pull myself out of this "funk". Maybe it's the dreary winter months, cold weather...etc. Maybe I need some "spring"...which always puts some "zip in my step"....and that's certainly not that far away.

Hubby bought me some lovely flowers...and that seemed to cheer me up. What a nice surprise!!! But...other issues with LIG (life in general) are still there.

I want to move...it doesn't have to be far...it just has to be where we have some "room to roam". It doesn't have to be fancy...a "fixer-upper" would be just dandy. Our new place would need a basement, a large garage or shop, and about an acre of land...a double lot would do....a perfect place for a vegetable garden. Here...I have neighbors on both sides and I feel as though I'm being strangled. Don't get me wrong...we have some great neighbors...just too close. I feel as though I'm being suffocated by houses. I think you get the picture....

What makes me "cheery"??? Sunshine and flowers...laundry on the close line...my hubby and dog. I never hear from my kids...they have lives of their own...but once in awhile, a phone call...without me calling and reminding them that their Mother is alive and well...would be nice.

And, I don't know why the hell I bother writing on this blog...no one ever reads it. Oh well...a good place to be vocal....

Tomorrow's a new day...hopefully, my negative attitude will change and my "mojo" will return.

If nothing else...put a smile on your face!!!

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Therese said...

Well to let you know I do read you blog all the time. I am really bad at logging on to it, so that I can comment. I will have to get better at that.
I really know what you mean about being in a funk lately, I'm thinking it is probably the weather, everybody is getting so tired of winter. When the sun comes out and its 55 degrees like today it is wonderful.
The flowers are beautiful. I can smell them here. hehehe... Well keep your chin up and keep smiling it will get better.
take care,