Let Me Know You Were here!! :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Just a short post to let you know I'm still amongst the living.  I know...it's been awhile.  Busy, busy, busy!!!

Got home from our visit to Michigan.  Was nice to see the family...and of course, meet that new grand-daughter of ours!!!  What a cutie-pie!  Will share pictures when I can find where John put them on the computer. 

And...FINALLY...the baby afghan is finished and delivered.  Never thought I'd see the day!!!  But...they seemed to like it and hopefully, that's the LAST one I'll have to make for any new babies in THIS family.  Much too early to start on any for great-grandchildren!!  :) 

Work today, but a short shift...a good thing.  Traveling takes alot out of me...time to concentrate on other things.

Have a great day...looks like the sky is breaking and we just might see some sunshine!!

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