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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!!

Seems like there's ALWAYS something to do.  Have been working, of course, trying to keep this house up as it should be, playing in my gardens and trying to finish that darn baby blanket.  (No it's NOT finished yet, but am getting close to putting the border on!!) 

Picked up a new "fire pit" for the back yard.  Looks pretty nice...now I just hope we use it.  John also put the Bimini top on the boat...something else we haven't used in a few years.  Maybe this will be the year, if it ever warms up enough to kill off the black flies!!!

We had a yard sale last Sunday...did pretty good...and alot of "treasures" were sold.  Still much more to get rid of, and hopefully, we'll have another sale in a few weeks.  This time on a Saturday...when everyone is out and about!!

Better get ready for work...enjoy your week-end.

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