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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lazy Day...

Much cooler...and overcast...I miss the sun.  But, I'm grateful for the rain!!!  My gardens love it!!!

News of the last 24 hours...the DAMN birds.  They eat entirely too much...as you can see from the results of hanging my clothes on the line!!!!  But...I wouldn't trade their song for anything in the world.  I can hear the Crackles out in the rock garden, enjoying the sun flower seeds and suet. 

Took Oggie for a walk last night...and guess what we found??  A patch of wild strawberries!!!  Only picked a handful or two...but they sure were sweet and tasty on a bowl of vanilla ice cream!! 

I started dealing with some clutter in my craft room a few days ago.  If I was in my right mind...I would get rid of the majority of it!!  I just CAN'T do it!!  I'll never live long enough to finish up everything on my "Bucket List"!!!  And Lord knows I have enough yarn!!!!!

Better get busy!!!

See ya later!!

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