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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Finally!!  I finally finished my "scrap-happy" scarf.  Here's my "tah-dah"....are you ready?? 


It was great fun...warm and toasty!!

My next project??  Not really sure yet.  I THINK I might take the rest of the Aran colored yarn and make a tam.

But for now...I am going into my craft room and finish hemming those 5 or 6 pair of jeans that are piled on my chair.  Why rush you say??  I agree...but they've been here for several months.  I lost track.  Besides, they are causing me MAJOR stress and anxiety, every time I look at them.  I guess it's a long over-due project.  I started last night.....and need to keep going.  If I sit on this chair much longer, I will become a permanent fixture...

So until next time...wish me luck...

See u soon...

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