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Thursday, December 4, 2014


Christmas cards are ready to mail..all 25 of them.  My list gets smaller every year and I miss sending notes to those people that were close to my heart.

Also managed to get my Dad's parcel ready to mail.  Everything will be going out tomorrow.  I still have one box to get ready...to my 3 oldest grand-daughters.  A little something in there for my Son and his wife as well...but not much.  Someday I'll share the reason behind it all.  Basically WHY I am not going there to watch my grand-daughters open their gifts.  Breaks my heart. Their parents are truly  ________ !!  Use your imagination!!!!

The sun is out...but still quite cool out there.    The sun makes everything right with the world....

Think I better get working on my hat...I have one more to go plus 3 pair of slippers to do to complete an order.  Better get my butt in gear!!

Until next time!!!!  Keep smiling!

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