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Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood....

It's just an "awesome" day....not a cloud in the sky and the temps are in the 70's. Is this PERFECT or what??? My only complaint is that the black flies are hungry...and I must look like a mighty tasty morsel....they just love me. Nothing alittle bug spray won't take care of...Elliot Lake Cologne as it's well know as!!

John worked at organizing a few more things for the yard sale this morning...his fishing tackle. The urge struck...and he called his buddy to do alittle fishing this afternoon. He didn't go out at all last year, so hopefully he'll have some fun!!

So...with this...I'm going out in my rock garden and pull a few weeds. It's looking pretty good!!!!

Oh by the way...that Moody Blues concert on PBS last night wasn't all that wonderful....from the year 2000....at The Royal Albert Hall. They only sang about 4 songs that I actually recognized.

See ya later......

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