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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lost Another One....

Wrote out a post...added the pictures...hit the wrong button...and it was gone...AGAIN!! I do that sooooo often. Need to pay more attention.

It's been just about a week since I last posted. Nothing much new in my world. Have been working more hours and TRYING to get keep a clean house. Nothing too strenuous...but I am sooooo tired!!!

Remember the "blankie" I made for Oggie?? Here's a picture or two of it....very thick and heavy. Should be great for the winter!! But...I still think he prefers his first one!!! No idea why...he just doesn't like "change".

John's been hanging dry wall...in the hallway going to the basement. He wants to continue on to what someday will be know as "the family room". And this means...I need to start sorting through my yarn and "treasures" and start to unload some of this crap! Three piles...YARD SALE--GARBAGE--CHARITY!!! And there's no lookin' back! I REFUSE to leave this job for John...he'd either have a nervous break-down or toss it all in the back of the truck and head for the dump!! I really do think it's worth my time, don't you??

Well...think I'll spend the rest of the evening doing what I do best...absolutely nothing!!! Just about done with another hat!! And I need to get started on a white cotton hat and scarf set....should have been done long ago.

Until tomorrow...enjoy your evening!!

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