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Sunday, August 16, 2009

eBay Sales...

Well...I'm heading downstairs in a few minutes to finish up a hat I've been working on "FOREVER"....I've sold two of my hats in the last week with one on the way to California and the other is going out to British Columbia. Lord knows my prices are more than reasonable!!! have several more to get listed...and want to try selling a few of the larger tams. Wish me luck....

I worked today...an 8-3 shift. Makes for a long day...but at least I'm working, right? I'll be going back down to 3 days per week in a week or two...which is just fine with me.

Other than that...not alot of news to share with you this time. We're getting ready for our yard sale...which we'll have either this Thursday OR Saturday....depending on the weather. I just want this stuff GONE!!!! Nothing comes back in the house!!!

Hope you've enjoyed your week-end....see ya later!!!

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