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Monday, May 30, 2011

My Whiskey Barrels....

Just came off my 3 day work week--Friday, Saturday and a split shift on Sunday.  That one damn near kills me...but the $$ is good!!  No complaints here!  I offered to work a party tonight as well...group of 75..coming in for "a few drinks".  Only problem is...they won't arrive until 10:00 p.m.  So much for a good night's sleep!!

Not much accomplished today.  Went to the "bone cracker" this morning, hit a few thrift stores, a moving sale (a mosaic pot and saucer), bank, post office and stopped by the grocery store.  Hubby took me out for a coffee, burger and a muffin...so didn't have to mess with lunch!!!  Nice treat.

No rain...at the moment.  Looks like we're going to see some sun and warmer temps by mid-week.  Maybe this will get rid of those nasty black flies!! 

Got a few more rows done on that baby blanket.  I WILL get that thing done by the end of the week!!!!

Check out my whiskey barrels....petunias, spikes and if ya look close...Vinca vines!!!  Should look "fuller" in a few weeks. Yup...the grass is a real problem this year...guess we better get those brown patches planted before it gets too hot. 

I just LOVE summer!!!

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