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Saturday, July 21, 2012

What About Me???

Okay, Og!!  Here ya go!!!  I've been mentioning the cats......much to his dismay, but not much about my "Little Man" lately--Oggie The Doggie.  Well, Og isn't a little boy any more...he'll be celebrating his 10th birthday in just a few days!!!  Time sure flies!!  He's in good health..alittle "chubby"...has had 2 knee replacements..but other than that, he's as "fit as a fiddle"

Well, JK left bright and early this morning for alittle Father-Son time for a few days..  They're meeting at the half-way point...somewhere in the Algonquin Park area.  They rented a cabin...JK took the boat...and I'm sure there will be lots of food in store!!  It sounds to me like this might be an annual thing...although we see Rob 3-4 times per year.  All-in-all, I'm sure they're have a BLAST!!

I worked yesterday--split shift--and I'm off today.  So much to do...although my house is good and clean.  My big plans are to tackle my craft room...or at least a good part of it.  I did mention to JK that he wouldn't recognize it when he got home.....anything I get rid of or put in its proper place will be an improvement.  It's VERY scary in there!!

But first...I'm of to a few yards sales.  NO, I do NOT need a thing, but it's always fun to scout out another man's junk, right???

Enjoy your Saturday!!!  I'm going to!!! 

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