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Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's a Warm One!!!

Recognize this guy??  I can take the heat, but I'm not "big" on the humidity!!!  I know, I know...I'll be "screaming" for this warm weather come January, right??

Well, I have made a BIG dent in my craft room.  I have a big bag of items for the thrift store...and a large box and a large bag for the yard sale.  I'm so proud of myself!!!  Anything that causes me "stress" is OUT THE DOOR!!!!  And it's not coming back in!! 

I worked this morning...VERY quiet.  I needed armed security to help me to my car!!!  (And you know I'm lying to ya!)  I have to go back tonight, but only for a few hours. 

Took Og The Dog for a walk this afternoon, but didn't go far...it's just too hot out there for him!!  Hopefully, it will cool down later...and we'll give it another try!!

Not a real exciting post....but then again...I haven't been doing any "crafting" at all the last few weeks.  Maybe I'll pick up my crochet hook this week....Lord knows I have enough yarn. 

Have a great Sunday!!

I have a bad habit of getting my "second wind" right around 11:00 p.m.  Really need to stop this, as I have a hard time navigating in the morning.  But, Sirius Radio is keeping me "groovin"...love Motown...try Soul Town...it's GREAT!! 

Work tonight was "just okay"...only 4 tables, but they were all generous.  Had a nice compliment from an elderly gentleman and his wife...told me they appreciate "good service".  Very nice!  But, after 43 years in this business, I hope I do something right.  Even if it's something simple...like refilling a water glass, whatever...it seems to make people happy.  Makes me smile!

But..although I'm NOT ready for the grave at 60 years of age..I'm slowing down and it really "pisses" me off.  Since I decided to "roll down the street" while walking the dog...blowing out the knees of my jeans and scrapping up the palms of my hands...flopping around like a "fish out of water" on the cement and being TOTALLY embarrassed as some one on the street decided to rescue an "old lady and her dog" by picking me up, dusting me off and checking me over...which I was TOTALLY grateful for...I've been having a little trouble.   My damn legs are killing me...mind you, only from the knees down...and my feet are on FIRE!!!  And it's worse when I walk on a cement floor!  (WHINER!!! )
So what's a girl to do??  In my mind, I still think I'm 25..I look in the mirror and see my Mom...but SHE IS  BEAUTIFUL!!   So, I put my "big girl panties " on and I'm going to see the Dr.---not my M.D, as he's an idiot and has mis-diagnosed JK 3 times...poor soul...BUT my "bone cracker"...super man...and GOOD at what he does.  Keeping my fingers crossed as he can put "Humpty Dumpty" back together again. 

Now...I think I might go down and add an extra pound or two on and have a ham and cheese sandwich..throw on an onion..let Og the Dog out..and go to bed.

Love, Peace and Rock "n" Roll!!!  Thinkin' 'bout cha!  Yo James Brown....

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