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Friday, August 3, 2012

Holiday Week-end

Well, it's a holiday week-end here in Ontario--Civic Day.  Really not sure what it's all about.  My guess???  The government and bank employees need an extra day off during the month of August.  (That wasn't nice now, was it???) 

JK left this morning for his week-end in Brockville.  They're holding the annual car show this Sunday..."Automotion".  He really enjoys this one...plus there's some time with family and friends. 

Remember the material I used for the curtains in his trailer?  Well, I had enough left over for a matching pillow--16 inches square.  Looks pretty good...(not that it was a difficult project....).

As for my time at home...well, I'm working.  Also need to take Magnolia to the vet for another needle some time today.  This should be a real treat...as she just HATES her carrier.  But...she is looking pretty "spunky"--a good thing.

Enjoy the day....talk soon.

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