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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

For The Love of a Pet...

For those of you that love your pet as much as I love my 3...then you know how costly a vet can be....especially here in Canada.

Magnolia was sick AGAIN...feeling better, yes....back to normal, no.  Pills and injections.  We're not sure what the future holds for Maggie...just playing it by ear for a few weeks.  Keep your fingers crossed...

I've been "fighting" with the chipmunks.  They've discovered my tomato plants.  So...I took a clove of garlic, 2 cups of water, and a jalapeno..blended and strained the mixture...added a drop of dish soap and vegetable oil...and sprayed my plants.  Smells "nasty".  And as a precaution...I sprinkled cayenne pepper all around the plants.  I'll fix those little critters!!  And as a secondary precaution...I cut JK's hair and spread the clippings all around my garden as well!!  Hopefully, I have all my bases covered!!!  We shall see!!  After I saw one of them carry off one of my green cherry tomatoes, I declared my garden a "war zone". 

We went to Sudbury to do some shopping on Monday....didn't need much of anything, really...but it was nice to get "out of town" for an afternoon.  Stopped and got a few birthday cards, an oil filter for the ATV and had lunch. 

JK leaves for Brockville on Friday.  Big car show and time to visit with family and friends.  I'm working most of the week-end, so he might as well go and enjoy himself, right??  Damn, I wish I would win the lottery!!!!

Beautiful day...I hope it's bright and "cheery" in your neck of the woods!!!

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