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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Harvest

Rule #1--don't laugh.  This is MY first REAL harvest of cherry tomatoes...and I have "tomatoes from hell"!!!  I decided, with  the advice from my neighbor, to put 2 plants in each hole I prepared...and guess what??  You guessed right...But aren't they beautiful???  My "big boys" are just starting to turn red....my red and yellow peppers are still green...and most of my "buds" were destroyed with my chipmunk spray....so we'll see what happens there.  :(  And my zucchini has a ton of buds...but nothing yet.  I don't think they're getting as much sun as they need, plus I put them in tomato cages to grow "up" instead of "out".   The chipmunks didn't help, either!!   It's definitely a learning experience. 

Worked this morning and talked the "boss" into closing the restaurant down after the brunch.  Needless to say, we weren't busy this morning and I'm sure this evening's shift wouldn't have been much better.  He's "cut back" so much that it's not only affecting my customers, but my MOOD as well, It's just nothn' like it used to be.  People are NOT happy!!!  Oh well, I guess anything I walk out of there with  is more than I walked in with, right??   Enough said!!

Cold front moving through...it is now 63 degrees F. out there.  Sweater weather!!  Feast or famine.  More rain to move through this evening.  It was extremely hot and humid yesterday and last night I actually took some much needed "time out" and sat in one of our "curb find" Adirondack Chairs.  It was absolutely gorgeous listening to the crickets, watching the birdies head home and the chipmunks running off to their dens.  I was extremely content. 

So with that thought in mind...PEACE be with you and yours.....until next time....

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