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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Retail Therapy

John and I had to make a trip to Sudbury yesterday...one of those trips that takes all damn day.  He had an appointment at the hospital for a CT Scan.  Lord knows, I do hope they can figure out what's wrong with him.  On top of his "inside" problems...he also has a neck that cracks on a regular basis.  Pain is so bad, he feels as though a knife is working it's way into his skull.  Then there's his leg...he fell before Christmas....twice.  We've been to the emergency room a few times...and not one x-ray has been taken of his leg. 

Anyway, while there...we did some shopping.  More window shopping than anyting else.  I had several coupons to use up at Michael's--plus they had a GREAT sale.  So...I participated in some "retail  therapy"...which helped...for the moment.  Cotton yarn was 50% off...a real treat!! 

Other than that...not much going on.  I finished up my "spring cleaning" spree in the main bathroom...now onto this room...which will now be known as the "computer/ebay room".  Another mess....

Hope this finds you well!!!  :)

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