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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Decisions, Decisions...

It's been well over a week since I've posted. Yes, we did go to Brockville to visit John's parents...and yes, we had a nice time. But...we went house hunting while we were there...and now there are MAJOR life altering decisions to be made.

We found a lovely 3 bedroom bungalow about 5 miles out of Brockville. Most of the home has been remodeled, updated...and it's just gorgeous! Most of our interests are down in the area...we'd have a family doctor--John's parents would be close by (and they aren't getting any younger)--Walmart would only be a 5 minute drive, instead of the 2 hour trip...the list is endless. But...do we want to make the move???? I've heard from others...once Elliot Lake gets her grip on you...you'll never get out! Decisions...decisions.
Last week...we were sitting in the kitchen and noticed the flock of orioles that stopped by for a visit. Just lovely birds with their light orange and black feathers and bright yellow beak. The were only here for a short time and off they went. I do hope they come back--they;re a nice addition to our colorful rock garden!!

I gave up on the feather and fan design for my grand-daughters afghan. It's taking me FOREVER with that weight of yarn and small needles. But...I did find a crocheted version...and it's also a lovely design. I KNOW that will go much faster. Guess I better get busy. The shower is in June.

Went for a drive after dinner last night. We went out behind the golf course and walked Oggie Dog. On the way back...we saw a "ripple" in the water...and there HE was. A beaver...and a damn big one! He was trying to get across the road, but we must have scared him and back into the water he went. Appears he's in the process of doing some remodeling on his "hut"--alot of new twigs and branches being used!! AWESOME!!!

I want to get outside and enjoy some of the sunshine. Always makes a person feel better, don't you think?? Enjoy the rest of your day!!

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Karen said...

Obviously you have made your decision to move in just a matter of hours since there is a sign on your front lawn....lol