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Saturday, April 25, 2009


A very gloomy day...and a far cry from yesterday. But...April showers brings May flowers, right? My miniature tulips and daffodils are just about ready to bloom. I made several changes in my rock garden last year. I'm hoping I'll be around to see how things turn out!!
The realtor was here and listed the house. We're heading back down to Brockville tomorrow to look at the house we like so well and at a few others. One is a "power of sale"...needs alot of work, but looks to have some potential. We'll see how we feel while we're down there...and go on to the next step.

Have been working on the baby blanket and things are going alot faster with a crochet hook! I do think the knit feather and fan pattern is prettier...but this looks quite nice as well. Will post a picture of it when I get more of it done.
See you when we get back...hope you're enjoying your week-end!! I'm going to enjoy the rest of mine!!! :)

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