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Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Relaxing Thursday...

Haven't accomplished much of anything today. I did manage to get 5-6 patterns listed in my ebay store. There's talk of a "move" in our household. And...since I REALLY don't want to give these things away or worse yet...pack them up and move them...I've decided to list them at low, low prices and hopefully sell the majority! Wish me luck....

I've noticed that one of my violets has bloomed and is doing just wonderful! I started this plant about a year ago, and it's blooming nicely, don't you think?? It has such a lovely flower...ruffled and bright!! I have two other flowering plants...that just don't seem to be doing anything. I just might have to "pinch" a leaf and see what I can get started.

Having left-overs for dinner....pizza and tossed salad. Left-overs are always good...especially on a "lazy" day. I'm so lucky to have a hubby that's easy to please!!

Knit a few rows on the baby afghan...and crocheted a flower for one of my hats. I revised a pattern I found on a crochet site...faster and doesn't look quite as bulky. When I get it attached to the hat, I'll share a picture with you!!

Time to head to the kitchen. Hope your day is going well.

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