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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!! May 2010 bring you good health, happiness and PEACE!!! A new year...how quickly the time passes....

Any resolutions for the new year? I don't make any...as I usually disappoint myself. However...I want this to be an "efficient" year...a "yes" year. I always have these wonderful ideas and plans...but never seem to follow through. Nothing major...just need motivation and to feel positive. I'd like to drop a few pounds...get rid of some clutter...and use up a good deal of my yarn I have stashed in my basement. And...I've been wanting to have a "homemade" Christmas for years. Will this be the "YES" year??? I'm going to do my best...

We certainly had a busy holiday season. We traveled to Brockville the week of Christmas...spent a few days with John's parents. Had a very nice time! Came home for a few days, and then went to Michigan to deliver Christmas gifts to my boys and their families. It was so nice to spend some casual time with them...watch the grand-daughters play...and enjoy each other's company. It was really a special time!!!

And now...I'm tired...a good night to relax and crochet. My daughter-in-law needs some dish cloths...and I'm sure I have a skein or two of cotton yarn! Get the picture?? :)

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