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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Farewell To January....

It's the last day of January...a bittersweet love affair. January....a new beginning of yet another year...and one month closer to spring. All positive things...time has a way of movin' on, doesn't it?

Speaking of time...I received a "nasty" email this afternoon. It has alot to do with the picture in this post. It's the emblem of the high school I graduated from. St. Clair High...the graduating class of 1970. The Mighty, Mighty Saints!! Any clues yet??? You're close...this is the year of my 40th class reunion. Yes, this "chick" is gettin' old...but never too old!!!! ;) I'd like to go...it's been a long time since I've seen anyone and several of my classmates are no longer with us. Will keep you posted as time goes on. I'd like to drop about 20 pounds for this milestone...wish me luck!!

I'm now off for the next 4 days...nothing special planned. Tonight I'm going to lounge in my chair and see how long it takes me to "drift" off. I stayed up far too late last night...and I'm tired. Will I stay awake for the Grammy Awards??? It's doubtful...but stranger things have happened!!!

I'm off to my chair.....

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