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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Let me think...nothing of real importance going on at the moment. I've been crocheting...using up some odds and ends of cotton yarn for dish cloths. After this is done, will start working on an afghan for daughter-in-law #2.

Heading to Brockville next week....about 8 hours south of here. There are 2 houses that have caught our interest....both now owned by the bank....and the price is right. Country living and "room to grow"....wonder what the future holds???????

Here's a picture of another hat I finished. This particular tam turned our very nice...made with a mohair blend yarn...cranberry in color. Love the pattern!! But...I'm in the "market" for a new model. This particular "chick" looks pretty washed out and it's difficult to focus the camera on the exact color of the yarn. Think I'd go "snoop" around eBay and see what I can find that fits my budget.

Hope this finds everyone healthy and happy....no complaints here!!

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