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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Not alot of news here on the home front. I think I mentioned that our neighbor backed into the side of our car just before Christmas. Well, we got it back today and it looks like new! A beautiful job! Glad that little episode is history!!!

John's on the way to the post office. He needs to fax an offer on a house we like in Brockville. It's in need of work...alot of it...but well worth it....water front property. This is a counter offer...eventually someone will back down.

Started another pair of crocheted mittens last night. This time in a robin's egg blue. They're a surprise for one of my customer's at the restaurant. I commented on her scarf...and she mentioned how she wish she knew how to knit or crochet so she could have a matching pair of mitts.

Sold a hat to Melissa in British Columbia. Two toned purple with a nice big flower!! Hope she enjoys it!!!

Stay warm...it's damn cold out there. I'm gonna go curl up in my chair and catch alittle afternoon t.v.

Until next time.... :)

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