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Friday, September 10, 2010

My Friday..

Home and relaxing after a fairly busy day at work...another 6 hour shift and it went by in a hurry!!! Several of my "regulars" were in...spread throughout the day...which was nice. Gave me a chance to chat.

Had a good night's rest...woke up before the alarm...but was in bed relatively early. Dried a load of laundry and listed several items on eBay. Got home from work shortly after 5:00...fed the kitties and took Oggie for a short walk.

Went to the post office before work...mailed off 2 patterns and got a shipping quote for a movie John sold. Stopped at 2 thrift stores..and bought 2 wine glasses for the restaurant and an interesting spoon rest...or at least I'm assuming it's a spoon rest. Regardless..I'm liking it!!! No markings, but doesn't really matter...as it's now mine!!!

No crocheting yet for me today, but want to sit and watch some t.v this evening. I'll get that damn mulberry colored hat done yet!!!

Peace be with YOU!!!! Thanks for stopping by.......

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