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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sign of Fall....

It's gloomy...calling for rain...almost all week. And it's rather cool and "still" out there. I've been trying to get out in the rock garden for over a week now, but if it isn't raining out, the garden is a muddy mess. Maybe, JUST maybe, the weather will improve...at least for a day or two so I can get things finished up. And take a look at this lovely leaf sitting in the grass...just for me!!!

VERY quiet at work today...I guess there's just too much going on in town. There was a FREE BBQ for one of the candidates for Mayor...and S.A.D. (Society for Animals in Distress) had their annual radio-thon. I hope they did well. Several good items were donated for the silent auction...plus another BBQ. Oh well...the money I made is far more than I went in with!!! A positive attitude is needed on days like today!!

Got up early and put the bird feeders out, feed the kitties and listed a few things on eBay. And believe it or not, I managed to do some crocheting. Didn't do any last night...Oggie and I watched t.v.--ate some dinner and we went to bed. John will be home tomorrow...a GOOD thing!!

Nothing special planned for tonight. Already did a load of laundry and took Og for his walk. Maybe some crocheting and/or list a few more things on eBay! Gotta get rid of this stuff!!!!

So there ya have it...a day in the life of Debi!!!

Keep on smiling...

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