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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quiet Times...

John left this morning for the Barrie Flea Market. It's a big event...car parts, etc...hundreds of vendors...and usually takes a good 2 days or so to walk through it all. Plus...he has a list of things he's looking for...a place for the "guys". I'm working extra hours the rest of the week, so the time should go by fast.

Worked on a hat yesterday afternoon...the mulberry colored mock ear flap hat AGAIN...this time using a larger hook. Looks much nicer...
Worked a 6 hour shift today and I'm so glad to be home!!! Although I kept busy...it was rather quiet day. (Thank goodness my customers were generous!!) And I get to work the same hours again tomorrow. Time should go by quickly as I'll have to set up the salad and dessert bars...and I do enjoy that!!! It's the week after Labor day....it's always a "quiet time".

Listed a few things on eBay...hopefully things will pick up there...time of year and all. John listed a Super 8 movie "America On The Moon"...didn't sell on the auction...but as soon as I listed it in the store, and mind you I raised the price a dollar...BAM...it sold!! Awesome!!!

Took "Og The Dog" for a walk after work, fed the cats and wasted time on the computer. I really need to set my priorities!!! Time would be my "friend" if I'd use it wisely!!!

Better get some laundry done...hope you're enjoying your Thursday evening!!!

Check out these "lovelies"...my 2 oldest Grand-daughters on their first day of school!!! I just think they're the greatest...

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