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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Meet John...

Well, I was REALLY lazy this morning and laid my butt in bed until almost 9 o'clock!!  Nothing like sleeping my day away, right??

So, here I sit...still in my jammies...wasting time...when I came across this picture of my sweet hubby.  Meet John.  (Say "hell-o", John!!)  John can fix almost anything, can build almost anything, is kind and caring and so darn smart.  He's good in the kitchen, too...as you can see in this picture.  Bless his heart...he helped me peel and cut apples for apple butter.  This morning, it's 27 degrees out and he's out there replacing the power steering pump on his truck!!  He's a damn good man and I'm very lucky!!!

Yesterday, we took a drive to Sault Ste. Marie and went for our eye exams--saved a ton of money  by going State side! (Thanks goodness for insurance!!)   And even though I'm not one for change, I picked out a pair of frames that are totaling different from what I'm wearing now.  I have the modern small rectangular frames with the wide arms....this time, I picked out a pair of wireless glass frames that have thin arms and are light as a feather.  I can't wait to get them...even if John told me they make me look like his Grand-mother.  What a guy!!! 

The sun is shining...have a great day!!

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