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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What A Beauty!!!

What a gorgeous day!!  Bright sunny skies...warmer temps.  Just wonderful!!  I'm definitely a "summer kinda girl"!!

Managed to get a few loads of clothes on the line.  They sure smell nice!!  Walked around the back yard...needs some work, especially the rock garden.  We're  thinking of lifting some of the old cement patio out and replacing it with soil for a vegetable garden.  Not a real big garden plot...but just somewhere to plant some tomatoes and a few other things.  I went to the grocery store over the week-end and paid 1.60 for a green pepper and I just about SH*T!!! 

Ordered our vinyl siding for the house this afternoon.  They plan on starting the job on Monday or Tuesday.  Should look good...it sure needs it.

Here's a picture of the baby afghan I was telling you about.  I took this picture last week...so add about another 6-7 inches to it.  Hope to work on it again tonight and for awhile tomorrow.  I'll certainly be glad when this thing is "out of my hair"!!

Have you been watching "Dancing With The Stars"?  I wonder...who will be leaving us tonight?????

Until next time--keep SMILING!!!

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