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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lazy Boys...

Ahhhh...my lazy boys have the right idea.  They're always busy...time to relax!!!

John's out of the hospital.  The infection is still visible in part of his leg, but some of the swelling, heat and redness is gone.  He's off IV antibiotics, but continues to take 2000mg of it in pill form.  We have the sneaky suspicion that once off the antibiotics, it's going to return.  I do hope we're wrong.

Made it through the Easter week-end.  I worked a 12 hour shift on Sunday...and it's just too much anymore.  I really believe it's time for a change....I guess John was right. 

Cleaned house, finished up some laundry... need to get my work clothes ironed.  Dragging my feet...as usual.  Almost time to start supper.

Got my hair cut...glad I did.

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