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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Alot of Nothin'

Not much of anything got accomplished around here today...but we all need an "off" day now and again....don't you agree??

I did go to the bank, post office and browsed around 2 of our local thrift stores.  I found 3 very nice Hallmark Christmas cards for .10 each.  Stopped by the grocery store to get the rest of our vegetables and  to Canadian Tire (a hardware and garden supply store) to check on some lined rubber boots for John.  No such luck....BUT...I did get 3 perennial plants for the rock garden at 75% off!  Would have cost alittle over 10.00...but I walked out of there for 2.68 and that included the tax!!  What a score!!!!

I did get the bed changed, washed the comforter and Oggie's "blankie" and hung them out on the line!!  It didn't take them long to dry with the wind and the hot August sun. Another few loads to get done tomorrow...looks to be another sunny day!!

 Where's my "blankie", Mom?????

Made a stew in the crock-pot for dinner.  Had a salad and dinner rolls as well...fast and easy.  (I love those easy meals!!) 

Well, better get to bed...hope all is well in your world!!

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