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Thursday, August 4, 2011


Well, we're back from our vacation..  We were away for 8 days and had a blast.  We left here and traveled through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and down to Kenoshaw, Wisconsin for the International M.O.C.N.A. (Metropolitan Owner's Club of North American) meet...where Met owners gathered from all over the place...the farthest being Puerto Rico.  Spent 4 days there and then traveled down through Chicago, Indiana and back into Michigan, where we stopped in to see my oldest son, Jason, and his family.  My Mom and Dad met us there and the 9 of us went out for dinner.  The next morning, John and I took off bright and early and drove the back roads towards home and just relaxed.  Thank goodness I have 2 days off before I go back to work...need the time to recuperate!!!

While we were traveling, I managed to make a tam in a plum color and started a matching neck warmer.  Ran out of yarn, but fortunately have another skein stashed in my closet.  Found a neat skein of vintage Dazzleaire and started a hat for a young boy.  Will eventually get all of this stuff listed in my eBay store and possible on etsy.  We'll see....

Better get to bed as it's already after midnight.  I'm fighting off a cold...Lord knows I could use a good night's sleep!!

Until later...sweet dreams!

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