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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Busy Day...

It's been a long, busy day...

I only slept for a few hours last night...and it's starting to catch up to me.  I was up and down like a yo-yo most of the night...my legs felt like they were on "fire".  Happens every Sunday night when I work a double shift.  And I was soooo busy...the people just kept coming and coming and I was working the floor alone.  And they were all parties of 5 or more!!!!  I was so happy to get out of there!!!!

John went to the hospital this morning for a test on his bladder.  He's been dealing with cancer for about 18 months or more...and today was a day to celebrate!!!  NO cancer and NO tumors.  Now, instead of going every 3-4 months for testing, he won't go back for 6 months.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!!  It certainly was a big relief!!!

Here's a quick peek at the Dazzelaire yarn I was telling you about.  Although vintage..the colors look amazing together.  Variegated cream, grey and rust tones.  This is a picture of the hat before I finished it up...for a small child.  I just have to add the pom-pom.

Tomorrow is 1 cent listing day on eBay.  Hoping to get a few things listed.  I found some neat books on doll houses--instructions and plans.  They SHOULD bring a descent price...if they sell!!!

Better get some sleep...see ya later!!  :)

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