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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Home Again...

Yes, we were away...for 17 wonderful days....and Sunny Florida was our destination.  It's odd how it works...takes us 26 hours to get there and 5 days to get home.  Tell you something???

And now...we're home...and it's snowing....AGAIN!  Imagine that!!  Old Man Winter just doesn't want to give up.  But...only calling for 6 inches today.  Can you feel a note to sarcasm in my voice???

I’ve been down in the dumps lately. I’ve been home bound a lot. I seem to be on the edge of some transition with my career...and since I've been a waitress most of my life I guess you can call it a career.  The elder family members have been ill..worrisome being so far away.  All of that is reflected in they way I see myself and where life is going at this moment in time. It's messy and frustrating...and when I get "down"....I seem to bring the world down around me.  I attribute it to "distance".  I know so many people, and still feel terribly alone.  I miss my family, my extended family, my boys and my grand-daughters. 

I should feel fortunate...I have my health... a roof over my head...a warm house...food on the table...and we're free of debt.  What more could I ask for???  But...and there's always a "but"...I live in a small town in Northern Ontario...at the end of a highway...an old mining town that prospered "back in the day".  The main words being..."in its day".  It's time for a change...and John and I realize this more and more as time passes. 

On a brighter note...the sun MIGHT shine tomorrow...and the temperatures just might hit the freezing mark. 

And...I've been doing some crocheting.  I tried out a new pattern for a "slouchy beanie".  I like it!!  It's seems to be "all the go" now...with the hat styles changing from the rasta tams and berets, to beanies.  Here is what I've accomplished lately...a few tams.  Now I will move on to the "latest in fashion"...(not that I really care, but the current trends seem to sell better!!)


I've been listing patterns like CRAZY in my eBay store...I picked up over 100 of them while we were traveling.  Come check things out... http://stores.ebay.ca/debeeedosnewtoyoushop.   You just might find something you can't live without.  :)

On that note...I'm going to go clean out my closet.  Have a "groovy" day...or make the best of it!! 

See You Soon!!!

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