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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Is It Spring Yet??

SPRING???  Hmmmmm...don't think it's ever going to come!  Another BLAST from Ol' Man Winter should arrive sometime during the night.  Another 9 inches called for by Friday morning.  I now call the word "SNOW" a dirty four letter word.
Oggie and I  have been going for daily walks...something John usually does.  And some days we have been going for two. 

So this handsome dude, below, and I decided to jump in the car and go for a drive yesterday.  We ended out by the golf course.  Wasn't too bad...until we got further down the road.  It was a sheet of ice!!  But someone was looking out for me....and that little car of mine got us out without  a problem.  As we were leaving, the sand truck came through...so all was good with the world.  Security!!  I DID bring my cell phone...but what good would have done out in the bush?? 

Today was kind of a "ho hum" type of day.  I did some ironing, cleaned the half bath and did a load of laundry.  Tomorrow I will do more house work, as John SHOULD be home by Saturday night.  :)  Makes me a happy girl! 

I started another hat...but put it aside.  I LOVE Red Heart yarn...but this skein is a damn mess. Color is Dark Orchid...a super color for Fall 2014...but unless this yarn improves before long, it will end up in my yard sale. 

So that's my day...had a ton of sales in my eBay store...hope it continues... 

Enjoy your evening.  American Idol tonight!!  :)

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