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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunny Sunday!


Yes, a SUNNY SUNDAY!!!  It went up to 50 F. today!  Snow is melting and it is just a real "beauty" out there.  It's cooling off now, but there isn't a cloud to be seen.

At home...hubby is still down taking care of his ailing parents.  His Dad ended up BACK in the hospital after major surgery at the age of 88.  Stubborn Dutchman.  Need I say more??   I miss John...hope he can come home this week.

Work??  Depressing...we've lost most of our regulars.  Sunday Brunch is a "joke".  The bar crowd and Friday night patrons are no longer there.  It's a damn shame!  And the new boss won't listen to a thing we have to say....I've had enough.  I can retire in 3 months and 11 days, and I'm going to do it!!

Crocheting?  Tried to finish up another slouchy beanie last night.  Color is Blue Suede...similar to the Ranch Red beanie I shared with you earlier in the week.  But...this time I'm making it a bit larger and one row shorter.

Other than that...not much news here.  I do hope your day was sunny and bright. 

Pictures next time...and, by the way, the squirrels and birds are just lovin' this warmer weather.   :)

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