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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Busy Day....

Didn't get the chance to sit down and write yesterday...but the thought was there!

Monday...well, it was a pretty good day and a busy one. Had an appointment at the bank to do some investing. I hate spending money on something I've been watching just "dwindle" away. But, now is the time to buy...when the prices are low.

John had his first guitar lesson as well. A big disappointment, as the lesson was with someone other than the instructor I had paid for. Think it's time to go down to the classroom and have a little talk with the proprietor!!

While John was having his lesson, I went up to Lil's Chop Shoppe. Lil cut my hair one day last week, and some how forgot to cut a few "chunks" here and there. Oh well...THAT problem was easily remedied....NO CHARGE...a good thing.

And last night...I got BRAVE, and I do mean BRAVE and tackled a good portion of my craft room. It looked like a cyclone hit it!! Managed to rearrange some of the closet...and it does look better, but clear bins would make it look neater. Oh well, hopefully, I'll get a good portion of that yarn used up before too long....and I will forget about the bins. And...believe it or not, I can actually see the floor! (I have far too much "stuff"!!!)

As soon as I'm finished with this baby afghan, I need to work on all of my special orders. The afghan is coming along nicely...and I do hope to have it completed by the week-end...if all goes well. I'm going to think POSITIVE.

Hey...take a look at this awesome picture John took Sunday morning. Isn't it a beauty?? Sunrise....it looks like someone painted the sky!!!

Until next time...BE SAFE OUT THERE!!!!

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