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Friday, January 9, 2009


Here's a picture of the Oggie Dog, putting up with my irritating sense of humor. He looks as though he's had enough! He's humiliated! If he only knew I was showing this around!!! This is his "kitty"....which appears to be as irritating as the 2-4 legged babies that "rule the roost"--Sunny and The Magnolia!!!

It was an "okay" day. Busy at the restaurant again this morning. Stayed an extra hour to help with the salad bar. Went to the post office and waited 20 minutes to take care of business...and then off to the market. Had a few things to pick up there. By the time I got home...it was time to fix dinner....

Not much time to crochet tonight. Hopefully, will get a few rows done before bed. I'm tired, so I won't be staying up too late. I REALLY need to get that afghan finished! The baby arrived a few days ago...and Jeannie is very impatient. I can't blame her--she is SOOOOOO organized.

Hope the day was good to you...talk to ya later!!!

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