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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It's still too cold to do much of anything outside. John and I went to the post office this morning--packages to mail. Ebay sales are up--a far cry from the last few months.

After the post office, we went over to the Civic Center, where John signed up for his painting course. He does an amazing job...and it's something I, personally, believe he should pursue further. It's in his blood...his Grandfather was quite a reknown artist during WWII--back in the Netherlands.

I'm still "plugging away" on that DAMN baby afghan. I'm really sick of working on it...must be the pastel colors. The yarn is fine and it's "never-ending". I need to get motivated and finish it...maybe tomorrow will be the day!!

We have 3 squirrels that "hang out" in our back yard. It must be a safe haven. The one large squirrel is pretty much a "loner". She loves sunflower seeds and usually spends the morning at the feeder...occassionally makes her way to the deck for the peanuts we throw out. The two smaller ones frolic in the trees...and if you listen closely, you can hear them "talk" to one another. Here's a prime example...

Enjoy your evening...see you soon!!

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