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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Sure Sign of Spring....

This is my favorite African Violet...it blooms from mid-March through mid-December...and here we go!!! Look at the beautiful blooms just starting....

Back to work tomorrow...3 days, then we're heading back to Michigan for a few days. Think I might have mentioned to you that we're going over to the west coast of the state...Lake Michigan. I have my list all made out...some things are so less expensive there...like milk and eggs...the list is endless.

Spent a good portion of the afternoon listing a few things on eBay. Listing fees were 50% off...so it was a good day to take advantage of the savings. I really need to get rid of some of this stuff...and I'm just about ready to back the truck up to the door and start loading it up. Believe me...I good just about fill the damn thing.

Had company for dinner last night....Barb and Dan. We had turkey breast and gravy, potato salad, cauliflower and squash...pickles and a coconut custard pie for dessert. Tasty....I just love the left-overs.

Other than that...not alot going on this week. A pretty uneventful few days.

American Idol tonight...they'll be down to the final 12 after the "kick off" this evening. Big Mike sang a beautiful song last night...brought a tear to a few eyes... ahhhhhhhh romance.....

Until next time...keep smilin'...I'll be watching ya!!! :)

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