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Friday, March 5, 2010


The look on his face tells the story..."You ARE sooo annoying!!" He'll get over it...Sunny...he's a good boy...just has his moods. I 'm guessing his "sun bath" was far more important than posing for this "close up".

Another beautiful day...looks to be a repeat tomorrow. ..and most of the week actually!! The snow is melting...fast...and I can see parts of the earth in my rock garden. I can't wait to get out there and play in the dirt!!!! I moved several of my flowers around last year and I wonder what will come up first. Will it be the tulips or the daffodils???

About a month ago, we ordered 2 new windows for the basement ...and they were installed this morning. Sure makes a big difference!! We'll actually be able to open and close them...and they come complete with a lock!! Now I just have to remember to use it!!! Just can't be too careful these days....

Heading over to the west coast of Michigan in a few weeks...should be a good time. Staying in Petosky...the shoreline is beautiful...nice restaurants and all kinds of neat things to see and do!! Maybe I'll remember to bring the camera this time!!!

I'm currently working on a short scarf to go with the brown and turquoise tam I finished last week. I found some blue buttons that match perfectly. I'm just about finished with it..should be done tonight...MAYBE!!! Next project?? Well, I was thinking about getting my cotton yarn sorted out. I have a pattern for a rolled brim hat...nice for the summer months. I've made a few in the past...and they're cool enough for the warm weather plus the brim rolls down...helps to keep the sun out of your eyes. I'll post a photo when I get one done...

Well, might just have to go and see what I can waste my time with downstairs...never much on t.v. until later. Have you seen Drive-ins, Diners and Dives?? Am awesome program...worth watching.....and I THINK you can find it on one of the food channels.

Until next time......PEACE...enjoy your week-end!

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