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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Distant Thoughts...

I still have distant thoughts of moving...an urge to get back closer to "civilization"-- as I call it...closer to the city and conveniences, yet far enough in the rural area to keep my distance to the "hustle and bustle" of city life. I'm torn between the real possibility of having to forgo the things I have now...not monetary, necessarily, but time wise...to enjoy the things I dream of...I feel as though I'm stuck in a tunnel. I'm running out of time...


Here are the muffins I made yesterday. I usually make the larger, bakery style muffins...but need to cut back on "my eats". And are these "bad boys" ever tasty....Refrigerator Bran Muffins with raisins and walnuts....very little sugar and damn are they good. If you'd like the recipe...just give me a shout!!!

Back to work tomorrow...BUMMER!! I guess I REALLY am one of the fortunate ones with so many people out of work these days.

Have been weeding out my craft room...cleaning out closets and dresser draws. I've made up my mind...it has all gotta go. I'm using the "4 box" method...and it seems to be working...so far!!! Just need to keep focused...besides..."out of sight--out of mind". I knew I was a "pack-rat"...just didn't realize how BAD!!!

Back to work...have a great afternoon!!

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