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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Check It Out.... :)

Check out the picture, Ladies!! This is my first "load on the line" for 2010. Was hoping to do it again today...but it's rather "cool" out there this morning and cloudy. :( Hey..."a penny saved is a penny earned"...better in my pocket!!!!!

Not alot of excitement here over the past few days. Oh...I did get that large kitchen cupboard cleaned and organized...looks good. Scrubbed down the counter tops and I now think I'm done with the kitchen...for awhile!!

Next...on to the craft room...and this one is a real problem. Hell-o...my name is Debi and I'm an addict!!! It's difficult to part with my yarn...but it's becoming necessary to do so. I TRIED to sell some at a yard sale last spring...but unfortunately, people thought that the dollar I had each NEW skein priced at was just too much. EXCUSE ME!! But have you been Zeller's lately?? This IS Canada, ya know....nothing is cheap here!!!! Oh well...I should realize that most people here in Elliot Lake are on a fixed income...and I should show some sympathy. I did throw in 2 skeins of yarn to a lady who does charity work. Well, needless to say, I got "pissed right off" and took the rest of it down to The Sunshine Shoppe...where it went out on the floor for a price higher than mine....and it sold. But, then again...it DOES go to help the animal shelter and I was GRATEFUL for that.

Enough complaining...not my style...obviously, I got up on the wrong side of bed this morning....

Have a GREAT day...I'm going to!!!

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