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Monday, May 9, 2011


Happy Mother's Day...to my family and friends.  Sorry I'm
late with my wishes...but working all day and all night should be self-explanatory.  I did manage to get in a phone call to my Mom between shifts...but I missed a call from my youngest son, Jeremy.  But...my oldest lad, Jason, did wish me a HAPPY MOM'S DAY via Facebook...I just about "lost it".  He never remembers those special days.

My 4 legged children are seen here wishing me a Happy Mother's Day....between naps!!
Have a busy day planned...going to the doctor's office with my hubby, post office, a few thrift stores and a luncheon at the restaurant for the owner's birthday.  Should be fun...I hope he's surprised.

Nope...it's not finished yet.  lololol

Have a great day...

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