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Monday, May 2, 2011

News of The Day...

The news about the globe... Osama Bin Laden has been killed.  Awesome news, with the exception that some other worthless soul will take over.  There's a fool born every day.  Congrats to the Navy Seals...plus I'm thrilled that this happened on Obama's watch!!! 

News in Elliot Lake...gas prices are up...AGAIN.  Now 142.9 per liter...or over sized quart, which ever you prefer. It now costs us well over this "Ben Franklin" to fill up our 2 vehicles.  A shame Stay tuned...as everything will be going up...AGAIN!!!  Is it time to "homestead"??  Stay tuned....

Worked all week-end...very quiet.  However, on Sunday night's shift...I ran my "fanny" off for 2 hours.  Nice for a change.  Picked up a few hours tonight...I'm working a banquet for the local NDP (New Democrat Party).

Other than work, didn't do too much over the week-end.  Managed to crochet a few more rows on that damn baby blanket.  I bet you're getting sick of hearing about that thing!!!

In the meantime...have a wonderful Monday!!!

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