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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Why Does It NOT Surprise Me?????

Can you believe it??  More rain...and why does this NOT surprise me??  After all, we had 2 days of sunny weather this week!!!  I shouldn't complain...and slap me for doing so.  We could be in the middle of flooded basements, or worse...strong winds and tornadoes...or worse...these days, the list is endless.

Managed to get my whiskey barrels planted..as well as my flower pots.  Had to replace my dead Japanese bush...with a hydrangea.  Planted a few marigolds, as these are John's favorites.  I need to get out and work on the rock garden some more...but NOT in the mud.  I'm trying to do a small area at a time, so things don't look or become so over-whelming!!!  Wish me luck.

Take a peek at my front yard..it's lookin' good!!

Got a few more rows done on the baby blanket...won't be long now...God willing!!!  Infact, I'm heading to my craft room now, to see if I can finish up this skein of yarn!! 

See ya later...

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